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Kathy Peake

Kathy Peake

CEO, Financial Advisor


My charismatic, immigrant grandfather was a successful, self-made real estate and construction business owner who created a financially comfortable legacy for many future generations. Sadly, my grandmother wasn’t privy to his plan for investing or managing real estate. After he died, she was given limited (and wrong) advice which resulted in bad investment decisions so that legacy money was gone in a few years, leaving nothing to generationally inherit.

I’m passionate about women learning about their finances, investing wisely, and avoiding situations like my grandmother’s. Everyone deserves to know how to plan for the future, yet too few get access to the help or education they need to make the best choices.

I became an independent, women-focused financial advisor to provide that information and caring support.
Before that, I was high school chemistry teacher, a mom, owned multiple businesses and was even a school bus driver. Back then, I wasn’t aware of how to invest, and I didn’t really think about my financial future. I learned a lot the hard way after my divorce. After looking for a new career, I found financial advising and entered the interesting and challenging field, which I loved.

For over 20 years, I’ve enjoyed teaching, coaching, and advising single moms, divorcees, and widows about their financial futures. I love educating people!

As both an independent advisor (advising about investments) and fiduciary (licensed to build financial plans across different product lines,) I’ve built relationships with mutual fund, insurance, and annuity companies. I have the discretion to make recommendations based on the appropriate, best fit for my clients, using fee-based products and/or commission-based investment vehicles.

Did you know:
- After a divorce, women commonly use up their accessible retirement funds just to pay everyday bills. It’s best to start getting finances in order now instead of when disaster strikes.
- Divorcees are seldom told to get life insurance on an ex-spouse who is paying alimony or child support, but it’s needed in case that income source ends.
- The earlier you can start investing, and the more consistently you can invest long term, the more you will exponentially save for your future. Start with $50 a month and watch your personal wealth grow.

Whether you have investment knowledge or experience, or you simply want to be comfortable making investment decisions, let’s start with a conversation about where you are and where you want to be. Get started lowering your stress about your financial future!