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FUNancial Freedom for Kids and Teens Video Program

FUNancial Freedom for Kids and Teens Video Program

Why isn't our educational system teaching finance in primary and high schools?

Good question, right? 

I never had a class on managing, saving, and investing money when I was growing up. I wish I had! I didn't get the “Money Memo,” the financial version of the facts-of-life talk, until I was well past college age. The things I didn’t know held me back financially for many years.

Would you like your child or teen to be financially successful in life without having to learn their money lessons the hard way … by trial and error?

If so, there’s an easy way for them to learn about money, finance, business, giving, and how become successful. You can give them a strong foundation in becoming financially smart before they’re even in college.  

FUNancial Freedom is a company determined to make a difference for kids and teens by making it fun and easy to learn about these very important topics. I’ve chosen to become affiliated with them because this is a passion of mine as well – and they’re so good at what they do! 

FUNancial Freedom has developed a course for kids from 7 – 12 years old which is very interactive and fast-paced to keep kids’ interest – it engages them in topics they won't learn about in school. The course includes the essentials, such as comprehending money management, finance, investments, and more. (Check out the details by clicking the button below.)  

If you have a teenager 13 – 17, FUNancial Freedom also has a program which is entirely different in presentation from the one for kids, but it’s still engaging – it’s designed so they’ll want to listen and participate. 

Click the button below to download the "10 THINGS EVERY PARENT NEEDS TO TEACH THEIR KIDS ABOUT MONEY TODAY BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE..." for FREE! And then once you get that information you can find about the Webinar for your Kids.  

If you just want to order on this link:  Order form for FUNancial Freedom Course .

And there’s more to come … soon FUNancial Freedom will have even more to offer to expand your kids’ and teens’ learning, comprehension, and ability to be FUNamentally Free on the FUNamental Campus! 

<b>The Little Book That Breaks Finance Into Lessons Any<span>&#160;</span>Child or Teen Can Understand</b>

The Little Book That Breaks Finance Into Lessons Any Child or Teen Can Understand

Plus get practical guidelines used by children and teens all over the world on how they earn, manage finances, invest smartly, and set themselves up for a highly impactful and fun life. Get this FREE download to get a glimpse into the types of things the courses cover. 

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