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Keep Learning After You Retire

Keep Learning After You Retire

July 06, 2021
Keep Growing After Your Career is Over

Reap the benefits of learning.

You worked hard in your career. You put in the necessary years to get your job done and felt fulfilled in doing so. And now you’re retired and are interested in continuing to learn even after your formal education and career are over.

That’s great! Continuing to learn, even outside of the classroom or workplace, is a great way to spend some of the extra time you now enjoy. Elective and self-initiated learning has more benefits than only discovering a new topic.

The Benefits of Lifelong Learning

Besides learning about new topics, continuing to learn after you retire has several benefits. Investing time into learning new things can help you: 

  • Improve mental wellbeing
  • Create new social connections
  • Strengthen physical health
  • Increase connections with a new community
  • Improves confidence and skillset
  • Keeps your mind active
  • Develop new skills and hobbies

Very few people have time to learn about things they’re passionate about while they are in the midst of their careers. You now have the time to dedicate to topics you’re passionate about! And thankfully being a lifelong learner doesn’t have to mean being stuck behind a desk.

Ways to Continue Learning

In the past, two of the ways you broadened your education were in a classroom or workplace environment. But these are not the only places you can continue learning.

Use resources beyond the traditional classroom. There are personal classes with small class sizes, online classes that you can attend from anywhere and community center classes with a wide range of topics. Websites like Skillshare and MasterClass allow you to take classes and pick up hobbies through online forums.

What Can You Learn About

Now that you’re choosing to advance your education, you have the freedom to decide what to learn about. You’re no longer beholden to a specific curriculum or practical application. You have options like:

  • Pick up a new hobby
  • Explore a subject you’re interested in
  • Invest in a shared interest with friends or family
  • Seek out information about new places you want to visit

And the best part about being a lifelong learner is that it only takes a passion to start! Find new ways to strengthen your mental capabilities and continue stimulation your whole life.